Deciding to Paint Your Gutters

Exterior painting gives your home a brand new look, adding value and curb appeal. But a fresh coat of paint on the walls, doors and trim can cast an unflattering light on gutters and downpipes that have become dingy or streaked. Especially if streaks and stains can’t be washed off or if the gutters are seven to ten years old, you might want to consider having them painted at the same time as the house.

Gutters are attached to the edge of your roof and downspouts to an exterior wall. You might not really notice them, but rain gutters can contribute or detract from the overall appearance of your home. When giving the gutter system a good scrubbing doesn’t restore them to an almost-new condition or if they will end up not matching the new exterior trim colour, then the gutters should be painted too.

After deciding to paint the gutters, the next question of course is what colour? Plan on painting the rain gutters and downpipes the same colour as the trim. To attract the right kind of attention to your home, gutters should blend in rather than stand out.

When planning an exterior painting project, consider the following:

  • If the gutters have to eventually be replaced, it is advisable to have them done before or during having the exterior painted
  • Once the gutters have been painted, they will need to be repainted every few years, just like the exterior of your home
  • When using the trim colour on the gutters and downpipes will draw too much attention to the gutter system, select a colour a couple of shades lighter