How to Make Your Gutter System Stronger

Your gutter system protects your home’s exterior in a number of significant ways by channeling water away from the foundation and maintaining its structural integrity. Strong, stable gutters are integral to a functional gutter system that works optimally year-round. When planning to purchase a new gutter system or installing a replacement roof, use these tips to create a stronger gutter system that is built to last.

Select the Right Gutter System

Gutters come in a range of sizes, materials, and gauges. To make your gutter system stronger in the long run select a quality gutter material that is manufactured from a medium to heavyweight gauge. When a gutter system is the right size to handle the annual local rainfall, includes the appropriate number of downpipes, and is constructed of a quality gutter material that withstands the elements, it can last for as long as you own your home.

Whether you plan to DIY or hire a professional gutter installer, to ensure that gutters will be durable and long-lasting actor in the following:

  • House size
  • Roof configuration or complexity
  • Annual local rainfall
  • Gutter material suitability in relation to climatic conditions
  • Easy to maintain

DIY Gutter Installation

Be aware of pitch.

When installing the gutters yourself make sure you understand the importance of pitch. When standing in front of the house and looking up at the gutters, they might appear level. In actuality, they are slightly sloped toward the gutter outlet, the place where the gutter channel meets the top of the downspout. The proper gutter pitch ensures that the water drains from the gutters and out of the downpipes without any problems.

Give the gutters some space.

A common DIY gutter installation mistake is to position the gutter section too close to the roofline. They should be installed several inches beneath the roof so that the water falls into the gutters without overshooting or getting in between the back of the gutter and the fascia.

Gutters need proper support.

Gutters need to be secured in place with the right number of hangers – too few and the gutter system is vulnerable to overflowing, sagging or pulling away; too many and the gutter system can look poorly installed. Gutter installation professionals recommend that one hanger be installed every two and a half to three feet.

Professional Gutter Installation

Invest in seamless aluminum gutters.

Seamless aluminum gutters only have seams in the corners where two gutter runs are joined together at right angles. They must be installed on site by a professional gutter installation technician. When a seamless aluminum gutter system is made of a mid-to-high gauge metal it’s strong enough to withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

Hire a reputable contractor.

Construction companies and gutter contractors come and go. A new gutter system can fail for a number of reasons including the use of cheap materials, the hiring of unreliable subcontractors, and having under qualified team members on the crew. To ensure that your gutters remain strong throughout their expected lifespan, hire a reputable contractor – check how long they’ve been in business, any industry-related documentation, and reputation in the community.