How Gutters Protect Your Home

A gutter system is designed to do one thing – collect rainwater from the roof and drain it somewhere it won’t do any damage. In rainy weather, without gutters a visitor approaching your front door will get drenched; water pools just anywhere; and soil is washed away. But how do gutters protect your home year after year?

Quality Installation

It starts right from the start. From the material the gutters will be made of to bracket spacing to how many downspouts – all those decisions that go into selecting a gutter system for your home add up. A quality installation by a reputable, licensed gutter contractor using medium to high-end materials ensures that the gutters will do their job for a long time to come. A professional installer will also advise on the right size of gutter system, and match it to the climatic conditions of the area.

Not Too Close to Home

Proper downspout placement prevents water from draining or pooling too close to the foundation. When rainwater consistently collects on the ground near a home’s foundation, it can cause basement walls to crack, the corners to sink, or the foundation to shift. Optimum functioning gutters also help prevent a basement from flooding.


When water is not efficiently channeled from roof to ground, siding is prone to water damage that can mar the appearance of your otherwise well-maintained home. Rainwater seeping in behind siding panels is the ideal place for mold, mildew, and algae to grow.

Sloping Toward

Gutters play an even greater role in the protection of your home when the grade of soil slopes toward instead away from the foundation. Ideally, the land around a house should slope downward, but if it can’t be changed or altered, then installing a gutter system that specifically addresses the issue of the grading of soil is the best solution.


Flowers and shrubs close to a house improve curb appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere. Eaves typically extend anywhere from six to 12 inches away from the wall, providing protection for plants to grow strong. Gutters and downspouts prevent bald spots in the soil, exposed root systems, and standing water that can attract pests and insects.