Gutters and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the impression your property gives a passerby from the street. While most homeowners wouldn’t consider gutters a focal point, they are noticeable whether by design or accident. Here are some ways gutters can improve a home’s exterior and increase curb appeal.


Plan on keeping the gutter system as new looking as possible. Tiger striping or algae/moss/mildew growth detracts from the overall appearance of the gutters. Moss in the gutter channel retains water, weighing the gutter system down. Dented downspouts often encourage debris build-up.

If the gutters are 10 or more years old, consider replacing them at the same time you’re getting a new roof or having the house painted. Exterior finishing upgrades can emphasize flaws and signs of aging in your current gutter system, reducing curb appeal and defeating the purpose of the home improvements.

For that added level of curb appeal, when buying new gutters, choose a colour to complement existing architectural elements like the roof, entry door or window trim.

Gutter Material

Seamless gutters can give a home exterior a streamlined sleekness. They have fewer seams than sectional gutters, so lines tend to appear smoother and uninterrupted.

Copper gutters standout because of their timeless appearance. A copper gutter system is enhanced by the patina it develops over a period of time, the color ranging from grey-green to silver to green to blue-green.

As a gutter material, galvanized steel is a good choice for boosting curb appeal. It is durable, won’t rust and has a long-lasting shine.


The gutter profile or shape defines the gutter system, giving it character and uniqueness. A custom gutter profile is either designed specifically for your home or is offered as a limited product line by a specific manufacturer.

But you don’t need to invest in a custom gutter profile in order to make your home’s exterior more attractive. Standard profiles including K-style, crown mould, and half-round can be just as effective in increasing curb appeal when selected in a bold colour or eye-catching gutter material.

Being Invisible

For some homeowners, curb appeal would be greatly improved if they didn’t have to have gutters at all. Built-in gutters would be the next best thing. This type of gutter system can’t be seen from the street. Instead of being attached to the fascia, built-in or hidden gutters are integrated into the roof’s structure.