Home Trends for 2018

Standing out is important when it comes to your home. And that’s what is so great about the New Year: you can tackle those unfinished DIY projects and home renovations with fresh eyes and a clean slate. Here are some home trends for 2018 that might be just the inspiration you need.

Home Interior Trends

Geometric shapes make an appearance, anything from wallpaper to fabrics to bathroom tiles to kitchen backsplashes to floor coverings. When geometric patterns are incorporated into a room’s interior design, it makes the space interesting, animated and eye-catching.

Wood accents in the form of panels, hardwood floors, counter stools, plant pots, decorative bowls, and lamps are common organic elements used to bring nature into the home.

Metallic tones can completely change the look of a room. Think fabrics for pillows and lampshades; furniture pieces like a console or dining table; and drawer pulls and knobs. Warm metals like brass, copper, and bronze add a rich gleam to a space, while cool metals such silver and pewter give a room sparkle and sophistication.

Home Exterior Trends

Using finishes and materials that add texture will be a growing trend in 2018. Cedar shakes (on a roof or as siding), matte paint finishes or patterned siding finishes make a home’s exterior unique and visually multifaceted.

Stone and brick facades are making a comeback as homeowners want luxury materials requiring low maintenance. They are very durable and long-lasting. Brick or stone, whether natural or veneer, gives a timeless elegance to a home’s exterior.

Since siding covers the entire exterior of a home, it is arguably the most impactful exterior finishing element. Trending in 2018 is mixing siding materials for the best effect. Stone window facades with brick cladding, board and batten with cedar shingles, or hammered copper with fiber cement are just a few examples.

Indoor and Outdoor Trends

Once it was trendy to make as many rooms as possible multipurpose. Now the trend is swinging back to special function spaces for both indoors and outdoors. Popular choices are an outdoor kitchen, outdoor home theatre, mud room and home office.

In 2018, hardscape elements are getting upgraded. Pathways, driveways, and patios are just made of cement anymore – homeowners are opting for paving stones in different sizes and patterns. Fire features and permanent bars enhance outdoor entertaining areas.

Smart home technology appeals to home buyers who want a more efficient way of controlling their environment and protecting their home.