Benefits of Adding a Skylight

Proper lighting is important to the atmosphere of any home. But it is the amount of natural light that positively affects mood and improves the disposition of the people living inside. A skylight is a window inserted into the roof, maximizing the use of natural light. Here are some of the benefits of adding a skylight to your home.

Natural Light

Not all light is created equal. Natural light is white and not yellow or artificial white (fluorescent). Since our climate tends to be overcast or rainy for three out of four seasons, a skylight provides an additional source of light that is pure.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Skylights let in three to five times more light than standard vertical windows. The light coming in through vertical windows is “obstructed” in comparison to light entering a room from overhead. Often lamps and lights are turned on during the day in addition to natural light because windows in certain rooms fail to allow enough light to enter. Using skylights to boost the amount of natural light in rooms requiring more light will reduce energy consumption and costs.

Health Benefits

Living in the lower mainland makes us susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), those winter blues that are caused by lack of sunlight and Vitamin D. A skylight maximizes the amount light in a space that a person is exposed to, increasing positivity, energy levels, and productivity. Sunlight is a natural germ killer – a skylight in a bathroom or a kitchen can help prevent mold and mildew growth.

Dead Space

If your home has an attic or loft that is not being used because it doesn’t have enough light or no light at all, installing a skylight can transform dead space into an extra bedroom, home office or play/study area. Letting light into a room can give the appearance that it is larger than it really is.

Adds Value

 Skylights improve the curb appeal of your home’s exterior because they are visually appealing. If you are selling your house or plan to sell in the future, a skylight adds resale value in a number of other ways including, accentuates an interior design feature, brightens a hallway, and increases the amount of usable wall space.