Home Renovations in Winter

It might seem counterintuitive to plan a major house remodeling project during the winter months. But homeowners who tackle renovations from late November to the beginning of March might be surprised to discover that they can add significant value to their homes while saving money.

Interior Renovations

The most common home improvements to complete during winter include:

  • repainting a group of rooms (on the ground floor/all of the bedrooms)
  • replacing flooring
  • transforming an unfinished basement into a usable space
  • updating lighting
  • updating kitchen cabinets
  • revamping a small bathroom
  • converting a garage

Exterior Renovations

While it makes more sense to focus on indoor renovations during winter months, doing home exterior improvements now can cut the total cost by 30 percent or more. Contractors such as roofing professionals, siding specialists and gutter installers will let you know exactly what to expect. Some exterior renovations that can be accomplished during the winter season are:

  • building a deck
  • remodeling a porch
  • adding a sunroom
  • replacing or repairing a roof
  • adding a leaf protection system that fits over the gutters

Contractors – Availability and Scheduling

During winter, building contractors typically have less exterior work scheduled. This means there’s more time to take on home remodeling projects. When contractors are available, homeowners have more scheduling options. Often homeowners begin home improvements in the spring after receiving tax refunds; as building contractors become busier, their rates tend to rise.


Government agencies and municipal offices are generally less busy in winter months, making it easier and quicker to get the necessary permits. The same goes for any building inspections that need to be scheduled after the project has been completed.

Sales and Year-End Clearances

Many retailers offer winter sales and year-end clearances. If you’re redoing the laundry room, adding a home theatre or remodeling the master bedroom, paying less for new appliances, furniture, and home décor items will make your budget go further.