Gutters can be Stylish

A gutter system doesn’t just have to be functional. A combination of the right colour, gutter material, and gutter profile can put a gutter system in a category all its own. If you want to make a statement, you can use gutters to add personality, charm, and character to your home’s exterior. Gutters can be stylish too!

Select a different gutter profile.

Approximately eighty-five percent of residential gutters are K-style. A gutter profile or the shape of the front of the gutter largely affects the way the home exterior is perceived. By selecting a different gutter profile, it will give your home a distinct appearance.

With soft lines and curved shape, a half-round gutter system complements buildings that have rounded architectural features. Box gutters have been mostly associated with commercial and industrial structures because of their handling capacity. But in the last ten years, they are becoming a popular choice with homeowners for their unique look. The simplified gutter profile creates a sleek sightline with clean edges that are appealing.

Some manufacturers and gutter installation companies offer proprietary products that are only available to their customers or retail outlets. Purchasing a proprietary brand of gutters for your house or installing a custom profile adds style and cohesion to the other finishing elements of your home.

Choose a gutter material with flair.

If you want more curb appeal, choose a gutter material that has elegance or flair. Copper gutters typically have a half-round profile, giving a home’s exterior a classic and timeless appearance. Many homeowners are attracted to a copper gutter system because over time the gutter material develops a blue-green or green-grey patina. Even when using a standard k-style profile, copper gutters will add warmth to the exterior of any home.

Another gutter material that can make your home stand out is steel. While steel gutters tend to require more maintenance than aluminum gutters, they don’t dent as easily as aluminum. Adding a textured finish to a steel gutter system can create an entirely new look.

Seamless gutters have a sleek appearance.

In addition to being stronger and longer lasting, seamless gutters have a sleek appearance that complements most architectural traditional and modern styles. Because a contractor manufactures seamless gutters on site, they only have seams where a gutter run changes direction. Without the same number of brackets a sectional gutter system has, seamless gutters stretch smoothly across the front of a home’s exterior and look more stylish than a gutter system that is “pieced” together.

Make gutters bold with a pop of colour.

An easy way to make any gutter system stylish is to add a pop of colour. Especially when the finishing elements of your home are neutrals, selecting a bold colour for the gutters can really add visual interest, boosting your curb appeal. Choose classic tones – emerald green, wine red, or sky blue – that are bold enough to grab attention but will stay in style for a long time.

Match gutters to the roof.

When a gutter system is specifically chosen to match the roof’s design, visual harmony is achieved. For more curb appeal, attain architectural symmetry through the strategic choices of a combination of colour, shape, and texture.