Advantages of Cleaning Your Siding

Dirty and damaged siding can make your home look uncared for. Next to the roof, your home’s siding is one of the most eye-catching exterior finishing elements. Advantages of regularly cleaning your siding, whether it’s cedar siding, aluminum siding or vinyl siding, include better curb appeal, extended lifespan, and saving money.

Better Curb Appeal

Using a garden hose with a pistol-grip nozzle (a safer option than pressure washing), will greatly improve your curb appeal. A brighter and cleaner home exterior welcomes guests and helps your property fit into the neighbourhood better.

Increased Property Value

When your home’s exterior looks great, it has the appearance of being well-maintained. Whether you plan on staying put or selling in the future, good curb appeal can help you increase the value of your property and improve its resale value.

Extended Lifespan

Regular home maintenance extends the siding’s lifespan. When cedar siding, wood siding, or engineered wood siding is part of a fall maintenance checklist, the quality of the siding material is maintained. Even the longevity of types of low-maintenance siding such as aluminum siding or vinyl siding can be improved.

Reveals any Damage

Cleaning the siding puts the spotlight on your home’s exterior. The main point of fall maintenance is to help prevent problems that might occur in winter or become worse during the winter months. As you wash the siding, you will see any exposed or damaged areas that need repairing.

Saves You Money

Cleaning the siding regularly saves you money in the long run. As dirt, grime, and air toxins collect on siding panels, the exposure can degrade the siding’s finish or protective coating. Washing away pollutants will maintain the quality of the siding. The longer the siding lasts, you won’t have to spend money on repairs or replacement.

Maintains Structural Integrity

When a home exterior is not regularly maintained, it can become vulnerable to the elements. It’s not only the negative consequences of water damage a homeowner has to worry about. Dirt buildup on siding, gutters clogged with debris, and unpruned trees near the roof allow nature to take its course. The results can be unwanted plant growth, pest infestations, and loose or missing siding panels. Over time, any one or a combination of these issues can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Removes Mold and Mildew

Clean siding reduces the chance of mold or mildew from taking hold in the first place. If it has already made an appearance, cleaning siding with a bleach/detergent solution will remove most types of fungi – it might take more than one application depending on the extent of the mold or mildew growth. It is important, both for the health of you and your family and the protective factor of the siding that any mold and mildew is thoroughly removed. Left unattended, mold can be an insidious invader. Since it is an organism, it can eat into wood siding, damage protective coatings, or work its way inside your home.

Keeps You Healthy

As mentioned above, mold and mildew can cause health issues for your family inside your house. The accumulation of dirt and dust can create or contribute to breathing problems. In addition to mold, another common organic matter that collects on siding is pollen, which can affect people with allergies, particularly in the spring and summer months.