Gutter Material Choices that are Eco-Friendly

If you are looking to replace the gutters or need a new gutter system for your home or commercial property, consider gutter material choices that are eco-friendly. Many of us hear “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” and think “expensive.” But when you take into consideration how a gutter system can impact both the environment and a home’s structural integrity, you’ll find metal gutters such as copper gutters or steel gutters are cost-effective and earth-friendly.

What is an Eco-Friendly Gutter System?

An eco-friendly gutter system is constructed from sustainable, recyclable materials. Gutter systems manufactured from aluminum, copper, and steel are long-lasting. This is the main reason earth friendly gutters are so cost-effective. When gutters last for a long period of time and can be recycled when they do need to be replaced, they stay out of the landfill much longer than materials like vinyl and other types of plastics. The longer the lifespan, the longer aluminum gutters or copper gutters will protect your home.

Another characteristic of earth-friendly gutters is durability. Of the three types of gutter materials, copper is the most durable with the ability to last 50 plus years. While aluminum is a malleable material and can easily be dented, aluminum gutters are made more eco-friendly by this simple trick. A higher gauge of aluminum will be more dent resistant than less expensive grades.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are one of the top four types of gutters homeowners choose when buying a new gutter system for their home or business. One reason for this is aluminum performs well in a variety of climate conditions and does not rust. So that an aluminum gutter system will be more resistant to falling branches, wind action, and objects being blown against it by the wind choose a high grade of aluminum a minimum of 0.025 inches thick.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are considered to be eco-friendly because they can last 50 plus years, don’t corrode, and are fully recyclable. Since moss and lichen don’t grow on copper, it keeps copper gutters free of organic matter, making them suitable for rain barrels and other rainwater harvest applications. Of the three eco-friendly gutter materials, copper cost the most per linear foot.

Steel Gutters

Steel is very durable. Steel gutters, while not as expensive as copper gutters, are also considered to be high-end. Steel and stainless steel gutters are long-lasting and aren’t prone to denting. To optimally protect your home, select a steel gutter system manufactured from a minimum of 26 gauge steel.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Gutters

Eco-friendly gutter systems last longer, which means a homeowner doesn’t have to keep replacing the gutters every 15 years.

Because eco-friendly gutters are long-lasting, they are kept out of landfills longer.

Eco-friendly gutter systems typically are low maintenance, reducing the number of resources required to maintain them.