Gutter Estimate Questions

Most exterior finishing companies that do gutters will give you a free consultation. Buying gutters and getting them installed is a major expense, so you want to find the best deal you can. It is recommended that you get three estimates for your gutter installation; this will give you a good sense of what local companies are offering and what will be included in the total package. You will want to know what kinds of products are available; how long the installation will take; and the total cost involved. Here are some are some other questions you should ask during gutter estimate that might not be as obvious.

What is Under Warranty?

The gutters and the accessories used to install them are typically under warranty anywhere from 15 years to 25 years depending on the type of gutter system being purchased. Ask if the gutter contractor also offers a warranty on labor.

Is it Quality Material?

To ensure durability, strength and functionality, inquire how thick the material is. Especially when buying aluminum gutters, you will want to know if you can lean a ladder against them and they won’t be easily dented in a wind or hail storm. The thicker the aluminum is (.028” to .032”), the more resistant it will be.

What Happens if Someone is Injured?

If one of the workers is injured on your property during the gutter installation process, you might be responsible for the costs of that person’s care and recovery. Make sure that the contractor you hire has liability insurance and workers’ compensation for each of their employees.

Is the Company Qualified?

Find out how long the gutter company has been in business. Ask about their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Check the references they offer. Inquire about capability and how employees are trained; how much knowledge do they possess about products and procedures; and whether or not the employees belong to the company you hire or are subcontracted on a project-by-project basis.

Getting the most out of a consultation is important. Before you meet with a gutter contractor, write a list of questions you want to ask or concerns you would like to discuss.