Getting that Wow Factor with Gutters

To some homeowners, using “wow factor” and “gutters” in the same sentence is a contradiction of terms. The popular opinion dictates that gutters should blend into a home’s exterior and not stand out. Their job is to prevent water damage; a gutter system doesn’t have to look pretty. But if you choose to use gutters to create visual impact, you can add style and character to your home.

Seamless gutters

Made to measure specifically for your home, seamless gutters are produced on site by professional contractors. They are fabricated from a continuous sheet of metal such as aluminum, galvanized steel or copper. Seamless aluminum gutters improve the esthetic appeal of your home exterior because they have fewer seams, resulting in a smooth, finished look. Added bonuses of a seamless aluminum gutter system are fewer seams where leaks can form; less expense to repair and maintain; and more durable.

Color Choice

If the exterior of the house is currently neutral and you need to replace the gutters, selecting a non-standard color can increase your home’s wow factor. Homeowners and contractors alike tend to choose beige, white, gray and black, typically matching shades to existing colors of the trim, front door or roof. However, the right bold or contrasting color will draw attention to the gutters, making them stand out as an architectural feature.

Using the gutter material as a color choice is another way to give the exterior of your home some wow factor. Copper gutters are especially appealing to homeowners who appreciate that the bright copper colour will gradually develop a patina as they age. A galvanized steel gutter system can give a home a sleek, modern vibe.

Custom Gutter Profile

To boost curb appeal and add visual interest, when gutters are worn or outdated, consider replacing them with a custom gutter profile. Gutter profile refers to the shape or style of gutter. The most common gutter profiles are K-style, crown mold and half-round. A custom gutter profile is designed for you and is unique to your home. Many building professionals advise against a custom gutter profile for this reason – it is unique. While installation professionals are comfortable with the products they are familiar with, a custom profile might prove more difficult when integrating it with other components of your home exterior. However, if you’re willing to deal with the challenges, it might be worth the wow factor to invest in a custom profile gutter system.