Choosing Siding Colors

Color doesn’t just impact us visually; it also affects us psychologically. When choosing siding colors for your house, the right colour choice can make you home inviting. Not sure how to pick a siding color for your home exterior? These tips will help you decide on a color that will increase not only your curb appeal, but the value of your home, as well.

Stand Out AND Blend In

While you want your home to be unique, it should both stand out and blend in with the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. Before you decide on a siding color, walk or drive around the community, focusing on houses that are similar to yours. A more eclectic neighbourhood will allow you more color options.

Architectural Style

Select a siding color that will emphasize key features of your home and enhance its architectural style. Classic white for a Georgian or Colonial Revival exterior helps define the angular, symmetrical aspects typically associated with this style.

Warm with Warm

When choosing a new siding color, homeowners typically match it to the color of an existing feature, such as the roof, window trim or front door. Colours fall into two general categories – warm and cool. Warm colors include browns, taupes, reds and oranges. Some cool colors are blues, grays, blacks and certain shades of green. To give your home a professionally designed appearance, pair a warm roof color with a warm siding color. An example would be, if you’re using a blue front door as inspiration, select cool tones for your siding.

Size of the House

Take into account how big your house is. Sometimes it’s hard to tell from a siding color swatch what effect it will have on your home exterior. A rich color can look good to you in the showroom, but once the siding is installed on a mid-size or large house, it might be overpowering or the make the facade appear too dark.

Visual Effect

Decide what kind of visual effect you want to create. If your home is short on height, consider combining vertical siding with a light color to make it appear taller and larger. Use darker colored, horizontal siding to make your home look cozier or smaller.