Fall Outdoor Home Maintenance Chores

Leaves are turning red, yellow and orange. The air is crisper. Kids are thinking about Halloween costumes and planning parties. Autumn is definitely here! This is also the time homeowners start thinking about getting their homes ready for the colder weather. Here are our top five home maintenance chores that should be on your to-do list this fall.

1. Gutters

Of course we’re going to say gutter cleaning is the most important outdoor home maintenance chore! Your gutters could be filled with debris and still be working okay. But it’s not just clogs or blockages you should be concerned about. When leaves and twigs are mixed with silt, mud and water, the debris can really weigh your gutters down. Heavy gutters can pull away from the fascia, leaving gaps between the edge of the roof and the back of the gutter allowing water to get in. Downspouts need to be cleaned too – check the gutter outlet (where gutter meets downpipe) and the mouth of the downspout, the places where clogs are most likely to form.

2. Roof

Inspect the roof for any repairs that need to be done ASAP. These include gaps in the flashing; damaged or loose roofing tiles or shingles; and vents/chimneys that have become loose, damaged or blocked.

3. Doors and Windows

Don’t let drafts leave you cold. Prevent heat from escaping your home by installing weatherstripping around doors. Caulk windows and trim to keep cold air out.

4. Front and Back Yards

Winterize your front and back yards by:

  • raking leaves; trimming branches of trees growing near the house; prepping flower beds for spring
  • inspecting fences for damage and/or rot
  • putting away outdoor furniture; properly storing yard equipment and tools used mainly in spring and summer
  • fixing leaking outdoor faucets; checking outdoor lights
  • repairing any cracks, holes, etc. on pathways and driveways that might get bigger or more problematic throughout fall and winter weather

5. Home Exterior

Inspect the foundation for signs of shifting. Check your home exterior for any damage such as rot, mold, dents and cracks. Fill visible holes and cracks wherever you find them – foundation, siding, exterior walls.