Decorating Your Home Exterior for Halloween

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you probably can’t wait to get started decorating. Your goal this year is to make it even scarier than last Halloween. Be sure to protect your home’s exterior when hanging lights from the gutters, attaching spooky skeletons to the siding, or strategically placing creepy critters on the roof.


Steer clear of nails or tacks when hanging strings of lights from the gutters. Instead, use light clips or hooks. They come in a variety of types and sizes, designed for a number of outdoor different uses.

If you plan on dangling 3-dimensional skeletons, witches or other nefarious creatures from your gutter system, make sure the hooks or all purpose clips you select will be able to support the weight.

Set a weight limit for each one of your 3-D apparitions if you will be hanging a host of them from the gutters.


Play it safe with your siding. Any holes, no matter how small, will invite moisture in behind the siding panels. Vinyl siding hangers will ensure that you can safely decorate the exterior walls of your home without damaging them. Have cedar siding instead? Your local hardware or DIY store will have a variety of hooks and hangers that will be compatible with your type of siding.


When placing heavy Halloween decorations on your roof make sure they are secured properly. Use methods of securing the ghostly ghouls and creepy critters that won’t harm roofing tiles. Substitute ropes or cables for wires; wire can damage the object it’s wrapped around.

When decorating the roof with inflatable creatures, check the size when inflated – you won’t be able to secure it safely if part of it hangs off the roof.

Especially if the inflatable decoration is tall, ensure it is safely tied down to keep it from flying away.

Front Yard

To prevent visitors to your house from tripping, tape down any extension cords, cables, etc. that cross pathways or the driveway.

Use battery powered candles. You might think the candle is safe inside the pumpkin, but the slightest brush of paper or flammable fabric against a jack-o-lantern could be enough to start a fire.

Secure Halloween decorations to trees and fences with cable rather than wire to avoid harming the tree or scratching the fence.