Exterior Upgrades You can do this Winter

When it comes to making exterior upgrades, many homeowners are of the mindset that they will have to wait until the weather is more user-friendly. But having renovations done during the winter can save you money on home exterior projects. This is largely due to availability – most contractors are busier during the spring, summer, and autumn. Replacing the windows, redoing the siding, and even getting a new roof in winter not only will improve your curb appeal, it can also make your home more energy-efficient.

Replacing the Windows

While replacing all of the windows in your home can be a big investment, it is one of the major home improvements that can save you money in the long run. Especially if the windows experience condensation, are hard to open and close, are still single-pane, or broken/missing panes, having new energy efficient windows installed could increase the value of your home. Drafty windows or windows that don’t fit or work properly can allow as much as 25% of the heat in your house to escape.

Since new windows can be a big expenditure, particularly at this time of year, try the following:

  • Replace defective hardware
  • Caulk gaps in the trim and around the window frame both inside and out
  • Check to see if any weatherstripping needs to be replaced
  • When adding new weatherstripping, ensure it is properly applied
  • Add glazing to single pane windows

If the above troubleshooting measures aren’t effective, plan on replacing the windows.

Replacing Entry Doors

The same applies to front doors and back doors that have become worn, don’t open and close right, or have gaps between the bottom of the door and the frame. Replacing entry doors that have issues can reduce the cost of your energy bills. And if the doors are older, updating them will give you a chance to select ones that are made from stronger materials, include insulation, and have modern security features.

Redoing the Siding

If the siding suits the house’s architectural style, is in good condition, and blends with the other exterior elements such as the trim and the roof, it makes your home look welcoming and well-kept. If it has become outdated, damaged, or you’ve never been happy with the colour, redoing the siding this winter could solve the problem while boosting your curb appeal.

To be energy-efficient, select a siding with a high R-value (its insulation properties). Siding materials that are eco-friendly include: cedar shakes, composite wood panels, sustainable wood boards made from reclaimed wood (wood beams, barns, original wood floors), insulated vinyl, metal, and fiber cement.

Installing New Gutters

When gutters need to be replaced consider installing a completely new gutter system that will add serious curb appeal to your home’s exterior.  Quality high-end gutters systems such as copper gutters are long-lasting and have a distinctive, timeless appearance.

If you prefer to stick with aluminum gutters, switch to a seamless gutter system. Because they only have seams in the corners, seamless aluminum gutters give your home’s exterior a neat, smooth look.

Installing a New Roof

If you will be replacing your roof in the New Year, don’t wait until spring. Especially if you will be away for the holidays, installing a new roof this winter might be the perfect time.

Select a roofing material that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and will reduce the cost of your energy bills. Hire a contractor who has experience with winter roof replacements.