Eco-Friendly Gutter Systems

Eco-friendly gutter systems are ones manufactured from sustainable recycled materials like aluminum, steel or copper. Popular perception of green living and environmentally friendly products is that they are more expensive and time-consuming. But actually, the opposite is true. Sustainable gutters generally have a longer lifespan.

Being Eco-Friendly

When talking about gutters systems, what does eco-friendly really mean? Aluminum gutters, copper gutters and steel gutters made from new or recycled metals are eco-friendly because new materials can be recycled and recycled materials can be recycled again. Earth-friendly gutters require fewer resources to maintain them.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Gutters

Gutters are designed to channel water off the roof then away from the foundation of a building. While properly functioning gutters don’t hold water, they aren’t immune to the weight of rainwater and debris being channeled through them over time. Advantages of eco-friendly gutters include:

  • durability – can withstand changing weather conditions; resist corrosion and moisture
  • have a low carbon footprint – because metal gutters are durable and recyclable, materials are kept out of landfills longer
  • low maintenance – reducing the number of times a gutter system needs maintaining means less water and cleaning solutions are being used

Eco-Friendly Gutter Buying Tips

Metal gutter systems such as aluminum gutters or copper gutters might seem more expensive but are cost-effective in the long run due to their being strong, durable and low maintenance. When purchasing new gutters with greener options in mind consider the following:

  • invest in the highest grade of metal you can afford
  • even if you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, hiring a reputable contractor will help ensure longevity and maximum functionality
  • seamless instead of sectional – sectional aluminum gutters, copper gutters and steel gutters have more seams (more places to develop leaks)

Existing Gutters

What if you don’t have any plans to buy new gutters? They are ways to make an existing gutter system more eco-friendly.

Leaf protection: Install gutter guards or some other type of leaf protection to decrease the amount of debris entering the gutters.

Cleaning solutions: Choose earth-friendly products when cleaning your home’s exterior.

Rain barrels: Add a rain barrel or tank to collect water that can be used to water (inedible) parts or your garden.

Maximizing downspouts: Consider using a downspout drainage pipe (check before digging) or a downspout extension that directs water from the gutter system to a landscaped area.