Do You Need New Gutters?

This spring when, you’re cleaning the gutters, it’s probably a good idea to take the time to inspect them, as well. Gutters and downspouts free of debris is a good thing. But to further prevent the possibility of water damage and costly repairs, look for signs that you might need to start over.


Rust stains are usually an indication that water is being collected rather than drained from the gutter system. If you, or the homeowner before you, have previously made repairs to aluminum gutters or gutters made of some other type of metal prone to rust, this could be an indication that all is not well. Perhaps it’s time to replace your old system, especially if whole sections are affected and you end up patching the patches.

Curb Appeal

When your curb appeal is no longer very appealing, you might need new gutters if:

  • sections are sagging
  • sections are missing
  • they’ve become discoulored or streaked
  • there are cracks
  • fasteners/hangers are coming loose
  • other parts of the structure (siding, fascia) have been damaged by water

Leaking Gutters

Leaking gutters are common problem that can easily be fixed by resealing the seams. However, if the gutter sections have been resealed too many times or they’ve shifted to a point where there’s a gap that can’t be filled in with caulking, a new gutter system might be the only viable solution.