Do You need New Gutters if You get a New Roof?

An aging roof can be a liability. Gutters that constantly overflow cause severe water damage to your siding, soffit, fascia, and foundation. Major home improvement projects cost money. So when it’s time to replace the roof or install a new gutter system, you might be wondering if it will be more cost-effective to do both at the same time. Or can you do one without the other? You don’t have to do a roof installation at the same time as a gutter installation. But timing is everything – there are scenarios where you might want to wait until you can do both at once.

New Roof, New Gutters

If a lot of granules ending up in the gutters, shingles are cracked, or they are pulling (curling) away from the roof deck, these could be indications that it’s time for a new roof. Sagging gutters, missing gutter sections, constantly clogged downspouts – a nonfunctional gutter system makes your home vulnerable to the elements. Depending on the extent, damaged gutters should be replaced. When you have to replace the roof at the same time as the gutters, a roofing contractor should be able to do that for you. This means you won’t have to worry about hiring a different company to install the gutters. The gutters will remain in place until the roof installation has been completed. Then the contractor will install the new gutters.

New Roof, Same Gutters

The roof has been in need of an upgrade for a while now, but the gutter system is only a few years old and still looking good. If you will be installing a new roof but keeping the gutters you already have, the roofing contractor will proceed accordingly. You might wonder if they will remove the gutters while the roof is being installed. Unless there are special circumstances, roofers leave the gutter system in place, but take every precaution to protect the gutters from any damage during the entire process of the roof installation. Typically tarps are used to protect the immediate area the roofers are working on from falling roof shingles, items sliding off the roof deck, or ladders leaning against aluminum gutters.

Same Roof, New Gutters

You recently had the roof inspected by a professional roofing company and it’s in good shape. But the same can’t be said for the gutters. Don’t worry – new gutters can be installed on their own pretty much any time during the year even in winter, weather conditions permitting. Most gutter installation companies don’t mind the cold, but understandably avoid working during a storm (rain, snow or wind) or in extreme temperatures.

When to Wait

There might come a time when you have to replace the roof, but the gutters still have one or two years left before they have to be replaced, (or you need a gutter system replacement but the roof is still functional for a while longer), it could be more budget-friendly to wait until you can do both at the same time. If the roof is experiencing leaks and they can’t be repaired, of course getting a new roof is the priority.