Curb Appeal Tips for Spring

As the days get longer and a little warmer and signs of spring appear – yes, those are cherry blossoms you are seeing – it’s time to leave winter behind. Spring is the perfect time to clean up after winter and prepare the backyard for summer entertaining and other fun activities. Make the most of your home improvement budget by choosing DIY projects that will boost your curb appeal.

About the Front Door

Unless you are standing right at the entrance ready to let someone in, a visitor to your home waits for you to answer the door. In that small space of time, guests form an opinion. As they age, front doors can become damaged, dented or outdated, reducing their welcoming factor. Here are some ways to improve curb appeal with your entry door.

Repaint the front door, either with the same colour or a different shade. Whether you change the colour or not, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home’s exterior.

Add decorative panels on either side of the existing front door (entry door surrounds). Make the door an interesting focal point by using frosted, clear or stained glass to the sides, one side, or above the front door.

Replace a round doorknob with a lever-style door handle. If you have an older home, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to more user-friendly hardware.

Replace the front door with one that is more secure and energy-efficient.

If the entry door is fine the way it is, add a seasonal wreath.

About the Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal. Re-envision your landscape design and integrate more eco-friendly gardening products and techniques, for a fresh perspective on spring.

It’s all about colour, texture, and variety! Ensure that your landscaping includes a good mix of plants, flowering shrubs, and shade trees. For a more eco-friendly garden, select perennials; use annuals for seasonal pops of colour.

Be creative when adding hardscape elements such as a fountain, rock garden, pathways, or a patio.

Remove anything that has not survived the winter. Replace it with a healthy shrub or a container garden of tomato seeds.

To keep the property looking well-maintained, mow the lawn every few days, weed flowerbeds as needed, and trim back trees and shrubs, especially if they’re growing near the gutters or close to the siding.

About Your Home’s Exterior

Outdoor clutter, streaked siding, dented gutters or dirty windows can make a home’s exterior appear dingy and uncared for. Clean, clean, clean! the outside of your home so that it shines. Add elements such as outdoor lighting, larger house numbers, or decorative outdoor stair railing for functionality and aesthetics.

Give the roof a thorough cleaning and a visual inspection to check for leaks, missing roof shingles, etc.

Clean siding, especially aluminum siding, with a hose – power washing could dent the aluminum panels. For stains that don’t rinse off easily, use a solution of soapy water and bleach. Don’t forget to wipe off the trim around doors and windows.

Plan to clean the gutters and downspouts around mid to late spring.

Oil stains, grungy stairs or dirty pavers quickly spoil your curb appeal. Power wash the driveway, pathways, deck or patio, and front steps.

Replace old or outdated light fixtures. When the fixtures don’t need replacing, make sure the bulbs are still working and are the energy-efficient kind.

Dirty windows make your home look unattractive. Clean your windows so they sparkle – it will improve the view, both inside and out.

Pay attention to the hardware that is part of your home’s exterior. Polish door handles, hinges, and locks. Replace any broken or worn hardware – if it’s not working properly, it might not be protecting your home the way it should.