Copper Gutters

While copper gutters can range from being two to four times more expensive than a standard aluminum gutter installation, many homeowners consider it worth the cost. Because copper is a precious commodity, a copper gutter system typically retains its value, as opposed to gutters made from other types of materials. Copper gutters have the added bonus of never rusting and can last 100 years or more.

A copper gutter system, including European half-round gutters, gives a home exterior its distinctive look. Copper gutters can be customized and installed to complement a variety of architectural styles, anything from Tudor revival to traditional to bungalow to modern. The majority of homeowners who purchase copper gutters like the appearance of them as they age. The patina copper develops can vary from grayish green to bright blue-green, depending on the amount of sulfur compounds the metal is exposed to.

However, some homeowners do appreciate the bright golden color of copper gutters and want it to stay that way. An opaque or clear coating can be applied to a copper gutter system to prevent oxidization and the natural patina from occurring. Coatings, either clear or opaque, will eventually wear away and have to be stripped clean and then reapplied.

Copper gutters are a very practical choice. They are durable and long-lasting. They are not prone to expanding and contracting, which can cause seams to leak; sections to shift; and individual gutters to pull away from fascia. Once installed, copper gutters require minimum “cosmetic” maintenance since they don’t rust or streak. Decorative brackets and leaderheads can be added to a copper gutter system to create a unique look for your home.