Are Half-Round Gutters Right for Your Home?

If new gutters are one of your New Year home renovation resolutions, consider a half-round gutter system. The most common gutter profile in North America is K-style, so investing in half-round gutters will help make a home stand out. Half-round gutters also possess a timeless appearance due to their clean, elegant shape.

The Half-Round Gutter Profile

The shape of the gutter, or its gutter profile, greatly impacts the outward appearance of the home’s exterior. Half-round gutters look just like their name – picture a downspout cut in half from top to bottom (lengthwise). This makes the interior of the gutter channel smooth and the lines of the gutter face (gutter exterior) simple and pleasing to the eye.

A half-round gutter system is generally available in two distinct styles. The traditional half-round gutter profile will have the bead (outer edge of the gutter) turned outward on one or both sides of the gutter section. A more “modern” version of the half-round profile has a reverse bead (outer edge is turned inward) – this allows the gutters to be installed using similar techniques to a K-style gutter installation.

Curb Appeal and Half-Round Gutters

Don’t underestimate the value of curb appeal: it increases the value of your home; helps your home blend in with the other houses on the street; and creates a welcoming environment for you and your family. Yes, gutters have to be functional, but they don’t have to be ordinary. A half-round gutter profile can improve a home’s aesthetics while protecting it from the elements.

Half-Round Gutter Materials

Probably the most popular gutter material for half-round gutter systems is copper. High-end copper gutters are typically installed on luxury homes. But half-round gutters are available in a variety of gutter materials including aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel.

Finding the Right Contractor

Traditional half-round gutters are installed using a slightly different method than standard K-style gutter profiles. The U-shape of the half-round gutter section means there is no flat side that can be attached to the fascia. Instead, half-round brackets or half-round hangers designed to hold the gutters in place are mounted on the fascia. If you want to the classic look of tradition half-rounds, hire a contractor that is experienced in half-round gutter system installations.

When to Choose Half-Round Gutters

For the most part, choosing half-round gutters over another gutter profile such as K-style, two-step, and crown moulding is a personal preference. However, there are some situations where a half-round gutter system would be the better choice. These conditions would include:

  • older or high-end homes with rounded architectural features
  • homes situated on property with lots of trees – half-round gutters are typically easier to clean and are less prone to debris build-up
  • homes with intricately patterned siding or richly textured siding such as cedar shakes and slate