Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Seamless aluminum gutters are gaining in popularity with home owners and construction professionals alike because they look good and are easy to care for. As the name implies, they have no seams since they are fabricated from a continuous piece of metal. If you are in the market for a new gutter system, there are distinct advantages to investing in seamless gutters.

Less leaks: A conventional gutter system is comprised of sections that are joined together. These joints become susceptible to leaks as the sealant joining the sections together ages. Seamless gutters only have seams at inside and outside corners, eliminating the number of potential leaks gutters can develop.

Increased esthetics: Fewer seams translate into increased esthetics. When looking at seamless gutters, all the eye sees are smooth lines; a view not interrupted by vertical seams.

Custom installation:  Seamless gutters are formed on site to the exact measurements of your home from a coil of metal that’s fed into a seamless gutter machine. Seamless gutters are typically made of aluminum, but can be fabricated from steel or copper. Whatever kind of metal is used, the colour or finish is part of the metal coil stock, which means it is more durable and won’t need painting.

Low maintenance:  Seamless gutters are low maintenance for a number of reasons. Because the color is a baked-on enamel finish, seamless gutters never need painting. Fewer seams mean fewer leaks to repair. Fewer seams also mean a seamless gutter system is stronger and less vulnerable to the effects of time.

Professional Installation: Since seamless gutters must be installed by professionals, most types of seamless gutter installations can be completed in one day.