Why Skylights are good for Business

While skylights have been a popular addition to residential roofs for decades, the benefits of roof windows for commercial properties are becoming more widely recognized. A skylight provides solutions for all kinds of office spaces. The need more natural light, a better workplace environment, and a reduction of stress levels are some reasons why skylights are good for business.

Dark or smaller office spaces need more natural light.

If your office is dark or cramped, a skylight can transform the space by letting in more light. More light improves people’s moods, increasing productivity and team morale. It can also make the office seem larger and more spacious. Skylights free up wall space, making the office more functional with the addition of whiteboards, more shelves, etc.

Skylights have a different quality of natural light.

Daylight entering through a standard window can produce sun glare, affecting a person’s vision; fade furniture; and create the need for additional lighting (artificial light) due to the uneven distribution of the natural light entering the room.

A skylight allows natural (white) light into office buildings to enter from above. This means the “intensity” of the light entering the space is consistent. The amount of light, however, entering a room through a standard window is dependent on the position of the sun (time of day).

Skylights can reduce energy costs.

Lighting an office building is responsible for 40% to 50% of the total energy costs. A skylight can reduce the amount of artificial light a business uses.

The right skylights for your office building can also reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Skylights are designed for different types of purposes and functionalities. For example, if you’re concerned that too much heat in the summer will make the space uncomfortable, invest in a skylight intended to reduce solar heat gain.

Skylights have noticeable health benefits.

In an office environment, it’s important that everyone stays healthy. Sunlight, a natural germ killer, helps prevent mold growth and the spread of bacteria on common surfaces.

Reduced absenteeism is often also associated with high stress levels. Skylights make a space aesthetically pleasing – a place that is comfortable, airy, and appealing to work in can lessen the amount of stress workers feel.

As mentioned above, skylights that bring more light into an office can improve the moods of the people who work there. Possible outcomes of more exposure to Vitamin D are increased individual productivity and better team collaboration.

Skylights can increase the value of commercial properties.

While skylights are typically associated with improving residential property values, they can also increase the value of commercial properties as well. After all, anything you can do to make your business more attractive to you and your employees will have a similar effect on clients and visitors, which will be a great selling point for potential buyers if you have to move in the future.