Why New Windows and Doors are the Ideal Home Improvement Project

The right windows and doors can instantly update your home’s exterior and make the interior warm and cozy. If you live in an older house where the windows steam up, the entry door sticks, or the hallway near the backdoor is always drafty, it might be time to consider replacing them. There are several reasons why new windows and doors are the ideal home improvement project for preparing your home for winter.

Improve the functionality of your home.

New windows and doors are typically made of strong materials like steel and aluminum, whereas older doors and windows made of wood are prone to warping and wood rot. They should open smoothly and close tightly. When windows stick and don’t open easily all the way or entry doors drag at the bottom and have gaps at the top of the frame, they could pose a safety hazard if you have to exit the house quickly in an emergency.

Today’s windows and doors are designed to improve the functionality of your home, and enhance its livability and security. These features include:

  • Built-in window locks
  • Solid core doors
  • Reinforced glass panes
  • Sliding/removable panels to facilitate cleaning
  • Window/glass break sensors
  • Filters on glass windows to reduce UV rays (faded furniture, walls, floors, etc.)

Save money on your energy bills.

 Replacing old with new is a good investment. Replacement windows and entry doors are the perfect opportunity to install energy-efficient doors and winders. It’s not just winter that you have to worry about energy-efficiency. It’s just as vital that air-conditioned air be kept inside during the summer months as it is for heat in the fall and winter.

Double-pane or triple pane windows reduce condensation, keep heat/cooled air from escaping, and eliminates drafts that can make a room uncomfortable. Energy-efficient doors typically are thicker, have more insulation, and strong bottom sweeps to prevent unwanted elements from entering. If this will be the first time installing energy-efficient home exterior elements, check to see if any provincial home renovation energy-efficiency rebates apply to you.

Let in more natural light.

Often older homes have rooms with smaller windows that don’t let in much light. Replacement windows that have a wider, modern design let in more natural light, improving a person’s mood and making the room appear larger. When winter arrives, you won’t need to turn on a lamp during the day, helping you reduce your energy consumption.

The same principal can be applied to front and back hallways that are dark and cramped. Adding an entry door with a transom and/or sidelights allows more natural light into the living space.

Increase your home’s resale value.

When selling your home, buyers generally look for a house that will be low-maintenance, is energy-efficient, and has discerning curb appeal. Eco-friendly windows and doors will send the right message: this home is warm, comfortable, stylish, and easy to take care of.