Why Invest in European Gutters?

European gutters are distinctive, beautiful to look at yet highly functional. Manufactured for both commercial and residential buildings, a euro-style gutter system will complement most architectural styles. While definitely high-end, there are some very good reasons to invest in European gutters.

Gutter Profile

European gutters have a distinct profile that is timeless yet contemporary. The most popular shape used on over eighty percent of North American homes is the K-style gutter profile. Unlike standard gutters, a euro gutter system is half-round, with the bead turned outward, increasing visual impact and curb appeal.

A typical European gutter profile is deeper than standard half-round gutters, making it capable of handling comparable volumes of water to K-style gutters.


Although it might seem that our climate is one long rainy season, the lower mainland actually experiences significant climatic fluctuations, anything from severe windstorms to temperatures that dip below freezing to random bouts of heavy hail. Because European gutters are generally made from heavier gauge metals, they are durable and long lasting, able to withstand the elements.

Different Types of Euro Gutters

Manufacturers of euro gutters offer a number of options for the homeowner looking to invest in a European gutter system. When deciding what will best protect your home, consider the amount of local annual rainfall, the thickness of the gutter material, the architectural style of your home, and curb appeal/resale value.

Sectional: Sectional gutters are available in pre-cut lengths, typically 10-foot sections, but can vary from one manufacturer to another. When installed, they are soldered together. Technically, the seams can be seen, but are usually hidden be half-round brackets.

Seamless: Seamless half-round European gutters are manufactured on site at the time of installation, and only have seams in the corners of the gutter system. When viewing the gutter system from the ground, no joints are visible, creating a smooth expanse that is pleasing to the eye.

Solderless: Fabricated to fit to together when installed, solderless European gutters are sectional but have the appearance of a seamless gutter system.

Materials for European Gutters

While copper is certainly the most popular euro gutter material, European style gutters are available in a variety of different metals, including thick-gauge aluminum, galvanized steel, and zinc.Steel is becoming more popular due to its strength. Strong and corrosion-resistant, galvalume gutters are made of steel and coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum.

Steel is becoming more popular due to its strength. Also gaining in popularity, galvalume gutters are made of steel and coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum.