Why Install Siding on a Shed?

Install siding on old shed

It’s understandable to spruce up an old workshop or garden shed with cost-effective vinyl siding or aluminum siding that matches the exterior paint colour of your home. But if it’s brand new, why would you go to the trouble and expense? However, there are several compelling reasons for installing siding on a backyard building.


A freestanding storage shed, garage or any other kind of backyard building is typically added after the house has been built or lived in for a while. It can appear like it doesn’t really belong. You can integrate the shed into your property by choosing siding that reflects the color and style of your home. Consider further incorporating the storage shed into the general landscaping: once the siding has been installed, add decorative elements such as window boxes, solar lights and a flower bed or some shrubs.

Another option is to make the shed a focal point of the backyard. Use new cedar siding, for example, to give a storage or work shed the appearance of a country cottage. Adding flagstones or a wood deck will transform the area around the building into a comfortable place to entertain.

Old Age

Any building on your property is an investment, and it’s understandable that even if it’s old, you might not want to just get rid of it. If the shed is becoming an eyesore, visual appeal is not the only reason to do something about it. Rotting wood doesn’t just look bad; it can compromise the building’s structure, eventually making it unstable or even dangerous. Removing rotted sections and then putting siding over the old surface can make an old shed look new again.

Maximize Functionality

If the shed is being used for something other than storage, such as a work space or garden shed, you can maximize it’s functionality with the right kind of siding. Adding a type of insulting/protective wrap to vinyl siding will help keep the inside a little warmer while you’re busy with your current project.