Why Exterior Doors are Important

The right front door boosts curb appeal; sets a welcoming tone for all who enter; and emphasizes the unique aspects of your home’s architectural style. The back door (and any other secondary entrances) is just as important. It provides air flow, increased circulation, and access to your backyard. While you might not give much thought to the entry doors – they open, they close, they keep the cold out – exterior doors are important for several reasons.

First Impressions

In most residences, the front door is a focal point of a home’s exterior, and the first thing a person notices. Whether someone is walking by the house or coming for a visit, first impressions are difficult to change and can affect how your presence in the neighbourhood is perceived. Should you need to sell your home, the right entrance door improves a potential home buyer’s first impressions.

Adds Curb Appeal

An entrance door with dramatic flair, has stained glass panels, or is painted a bold colour gives your home instant curb appeal. It also harmonized the other architectural and decorative features of your home’s exterior. As mentioned above, a great front door can be the difference between potential buyers from making an important or attending an open house or moving on to another listing. Even if you don’t plan to sell in the near future, upgrading to a quality entrance door adds resale value that might contribute to a higher asking price if and when you do put your house on the market.

Increases Your Home’s Security

While entrance doors invite people in, they should also be designed to keep people out. Choosing a front door or back door that deters burglars will make you and your family safe. A popular myth is that burglars favour windows. However, entrance doors are typically the common point of entry for home intruders. Select a strong door preferably made of metal or solid wood (not hollow core construction). If you prefer a glass door, choose one with double-pane glass, burglar-proof locks, or security film that can be applied to glass panes.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Your home’s overall energy efficiency is indirectly connected to your entrance doors. An old, worn-out entry door lets air escape, allows air to enter, and often doesn’t provide the insulation protection that today’s newer materials offer. Older entrance doors typically don’t have good seals when closed, which can cost you more money for heating and cooling over time. A quality entry door contributes to your home’s optimal functionality, reducing energy costs.