Why Copper Gutters are So Appealing

Copper gutters and half-round European gutters give a home a classic, distinctive appearance. Even though they tend to be more expensive, homeowners select copper gutters for their curb appeal and increased bottom-line value if and when they sell. Copper gutters used to be a popular choice for heritage, historic or traditional houses, but now they are appearing more and more on homes of any age and style.

While copper gutters are esthetically appealing, there are also functional reasons for considering replacing your current rain gutters with copper ones. Practical advantages include:

  • they expand/contract the least of all of the materials gutters are made of
  • copper gutters are naturally corrosion-resistant
  • copper gutters are extremely durable and have been known to last for six or more decades
  • they require minimal maintenance

Many homeowners are attracted to copper gutters because of the greenish-gray patina the metal develops over time. If you like the sound of copper gutters, but wish to keep their original colour, occasionally apply a sealant to prevent oxidization.

Decide what kind of style statement you would like to make. Copper gutters with a standard profile will add warmth to the overall look of the exterior of your home. To create an Old World charm, use half-round copper gutters. Copper European gutters can be more decorative because of custom-detailed caps and brackets.