Why Choose Wood Siding?

While one third of North American homes have vinyl siding, wood siding still remains very attractive to many homeowners for several reasons. It is durable; beautiful to look at; and recyclable when it finally does have to be replaced. It lends a home its own individual personality because the variations in the grain patterns make each piece of wood unique.

Traditional Appeal

For certain types and styles of homes, wood siding is the “only” choice. Cedar siding gives a beach house exterior a welcoming, natural appearance. A cottage country style home is typically defined by cedar shakes or beveled cedar boards. Other types of wood siding include: shingles, tongue and groove, and board and batten. Owners of heritage houses made of wood often use one or more of these siding types to enhance specific architectural features, such as a wrap-around porch, or the home’s overall distinctive characteristics. Blending more than one type of wood siding is also a choice some homeowners select when trying to achieve a certain effect, like making a house appear taller, wider or old (as in heritage not as in rundown).

More than One

Wood siding is especially attractive to homeowners who want to incorporate more than one siding material into their home exterior design. Pairing a first floor stone facade with wood siding on the second storey adds visual interest to a home’s exterior. Combining brick with board and board boosts curb appeal. Matching reclaimed planks with steel or concrete sheets creates a modern edginess.

Worth the Effort

There’s no getting around wood siding’s reputation for being more expensive and demanding to maintain than vinyl siding or aluminum siding. But some homeowners feel that a home exterior made of fir, spruce, pine or cedar far excels anything man-made. And what it costs in dollars and effort is worth its lustrous beauty. Think it’s time for a change, or you’ve fallen in love with the trending exterior paint colour? Most types of wood siding can be painted for a new look or updated appearance.