Why Choose Energy-Efficient Siding?

Siding improves the appearance of your home and reduces the need for labour-intensive maintenance. But when heat escapes, it can cost you money. If you’ve decided to install siding on the exterior of your house, why not go one step further and select siding that will be energy-efficient as well as esthetically pleasing. Because it has a greater insulating value than aluminum or wood, energy-efficient siding will typically be made of vinyl. While energy-efficient siding can save you money, it can also improve the R-value of your home and even block unwanted noise.

Improves the R-Value of Your Home

The R-value of a material is measured in how well it resists the flow of heat through a particular thickness. In other words, the more your vinyl siding is capable of stopping the movement of heat, the warmer your home will be. Insulated vinyl siding has been known to increase a residential dwellings R-value by 20% or more.

Saves Money

The less heat that escapes from your walls and windows stays inside your home, keeping it warm and the temperature consistent. When the heating system is functioning optimally, your energy bill will be lower. Heat loss in winter and a reduction in a home’s ability to keep cool in summer, typically increases the amount of money you may have to spend to be comfortable. Energy-efficient siding not only reduces your energy bill, it will also save you money in terms of maintenance costs – vinyl siding is generally easy to maintain and is very durable, which means it doesn’t have to be replaced for a long time.

Protection from the Elements

Selecting energy-efficient vinyl siding panels that adds another layer of protection from the elements is a good thing. Vinyl siding that includes a foam back or is foam-filled will boost the energy efficiency of your exterior walls.

Sound Barrier

Insulated vinyl siding has the added benefit of providing a sound barrier between you and the outside world. Especially if you live in a high-traffic area, reducing outside noise will help make your home more inviting.