When You Can’t Clean Your Own Gutters

Whatever the reason – whether it’s a mobility issue, a medical condition or a senior wanting to remain in their own home – some home owners have difficulty maintaining their property, especially when it comes to rain gutters. Most people are aware of the role gutters play in protecting a house from water damage and the importance of maintaining the gutter system. Gutter cleaning should optimally be done twice a year – once in the spring and then in the autumn after the leaves have fallen. But if you are a homeowner that needs help to clean your gutters, what are your options?

Family member, Friend or Neighbour:

When you can’t clean the gutters yourself, asking a family member, a friend or a neighbour to help you or do it for you is the most obvious choice. However, as a home owner, you are responsible for what happens on your property, including injuries incurred while that person is working on your gutters. Set some ground rules and ensure that they:

  • Have some knowledge and previous experience of gutter cleaning
  • Implement standard safety procedures when using a ladder and working with cleaning liquids
  • Have at least one other person helping them

Maintenance Person/Landscaper

You can hire a maintenance person (often referred to as handymen in the past) to clean your rain gutters. Some landscaping companies also offer gutter cleaning services. Most maintenance people and landscapers are required to have liability and worker’s compensation insurance, so that if they are injured while working on your property, you are not liable. Before you agree to any terms or conditions, check their credentials and any relevant documentation.

Gutter Cleaning Company

While hiring a gutter cleaning company might seem too expensive to even consider as an option, it’s probably not as pricey as you imagine. The benefits include:

  • Reputable gutter companies will have the required types of insurance like liability and worker’s compensation
  • Most gutter cleaning professionals won’t “just” clean the gutters; they will also report any potential problems and might even do minor repairs like replace missing nails or damaged hangers
  • Work will be done in a timely manner and at a scheduled time

Depending on how many trees grow close to your house, you may only need to have your gutters cleaned once a year, making it affordable for you to hire a gutter cleaning professional. Many gutter companies offer maintenance plans, discounts for seniors and seasonal promotions.