When Should You Install Larger Gutters?

The most common gutter sizes for homes in the Lower Mainland are 5-inch gutters and 6-inch gutters. A standard 5-inch gutter system is capable of adequately handling the amount of rain that falls in this region for most residential homes. For houses that are larger, depending on the size of the house, 6-inch and 7-inch gutters provide a better solution. When should you install larger gutters? It all comes down to what size of gutter will give your home the best protection.

Benefits of Oversized Gutters

Benefits of installing larger gutters than standard 5-inch such as super 5 gutters or 7-inch gutters include:

  • Handles anywhere from 35% (super 5 gutters) to 47% (7” gutters) more rainwater than regular 5” gutters
  • Protects homes from water damage more efficiently
  • Manages rainwater draining from a complex roofing system better, especially ones with multiple rooflines
  • Ensures rainwater that runs fast down a steep roof enters the gutter system and not overshoots it

When to Install Super 5 Gutters

Super 5 gutters, with its wider base, allows water to move through the gutter channel more freely, reducing the amount of debris in the gutters that can become clogs. Consider installing super 5-inch gutters when:

  • A wider base than a standard 5-inch gutter is needed, but upgrading to larger gutters might put unwanted stress on an older roof
  • There are no fascia boards
  • Upper gutters drain into lower gutters and the main roof is steep

 When to Install 6-Inch Gutters

Roofs with a greater surface area to drain can really benefit from 6-inch gutters. Circumstances you might encounter where you would need to install a 6” gutter system include:

  • Where two downpipes can’t be installed on a gutter run 40 feet and over
  • Gutter runs are 60 feet or more
  • Upper gutters drain into lower gutters
  • Inside valleys are exposed to a lot of water that drains at fast speeds

When to Install 7-Inch Gutters

For climates such as the Pacific Northwest that receive large amounts of rain, heavy rain, and snow combined with large-sized roofs require 7-inch gutters where:

  • The style of roof (e.g. Spanish clay tiles or concrete shingles) need a wide gutter system to collect water and prevent missing the gutter system altogether
  • 6-inch gutters wouldn’t be able to handle the current and/or anticipated water volume based on annual rainfall and other applicable climate statistics
  • The house needs additional protection from water damage