What to Expect When Getting Siding Installed

Image credit: jim/unprofound
Image credit: jim/unprofound

You’ve decided to redo the siding of your home’s exterior. Now what? Most types of siding installations can be done at any time of the year. When installing new vinyl siding or Hardie board, knowing what to expect might make the process a little easier.

Getting Ready

While a good siding contractor and their team will be diligent when working on your property, plan on covering any landscaping that might be damaged during the installation process. Ensure that there will be an area free of obstacles for the crew to unload siding materials and other supplies. Provide access to an outlet for power tools. By the time they are scheduled to begin the siding installation, you will want to have removed:

  • items from shelving units and walls such as pictures, vases, books, ornaments, etc.
  • items like patio furniture, the barbecue, container plants from near where the installers will be working
  • vehicles from the driveway and/or garage

During the Siding Installation

Duration: How long the siding installation will take depends on a number of factors including the size of the house, the type of siding material being installed and weather conditions. A standard siding installation can take up to two weeks to complete. Since there will be a lot of noise while the crew is working, plan on being out of the house during the day.

Hours: It will be early – a siding installation crew can be on site as early as 7 or 8 in the morning and work until early evening (4 to 6 p.m. daylight permitting).

As they go: A siding crew generally removes the siding for the area immediately being worked on. Any sections that will be left without siding overnight will typically have the new weather barrier for protection.

After the Siding Installation

Minor repairs: After the siding installation is complete, minor repairs might be required. During the installation process, caulking around the trim of windows and doors can crack; small cracks on interior walls might appear; or drywall nails become loose.

Clean-up: An installation crew will usually clean-up after the siding has been installed, including the removal of the old siding material and other kinds of debris. Consult your contract with the siding contractor for specifics.

Follow-up: When the siding installation had been completed, many siding installation contractors will arrange a follow-up consultation. It might include an inspection to confirm that the work done meets expectations; answer any questions; and address any outstanding concerns.