What to Expect from a Gutter Installation Company

You call a gutter company when you want to purchase new gutters or have replacement gutters installed. But as with any business gutter contractors aim for repeat customers, focusing on intangibles such great customer service, transparency, and a solid reputation in addition to offering a variety of services. Would you like to upgrade your current gutters? You’re not sure if you really need a leaf protection system. You need a lot of work done – does a quote mean what it says? Here is what to expect form a gutter installation company.

Free Quote or Estimate

Before you hire a gutter contractor you need to know what you want and how much it will cost. Most gutter installation companies offer free quotes or estimates. Getting three quotes from three different companies will give you a better idea of what is available and the total price for the gutter installation. A free quote or estimate gives you an insight into the company – its mission statement, general attitude, and overall professionalism. A technician or salesperson will also advise you on the type of gutter system you require based on what they find during the estimate process.

Variety of Services

While some gutter installation companies just to do gutters, other gutter contractors offer a variety of services. Popular services include

  • Gutter installation
  • Gutter repair
  • Gutter cleaning – some companies will start cleaning the gutters by clearing off the roof first
  • Custom gutters – a gutter company will design a gutter system unique to your home
  • Leaf screen installation
  • Soffit and fascia replacement
  • Home exterior cleaning
  • Roof moss removal
  • Window cleaning

Expertise and Best Practices

You need to be able to trust in the gutter contractor you hire. Professional roof and gutter contractors should possess advanced knowledge and expertise. They will be able to provide the information, tools, and experience needed to complete repairs to a gutter system; install new or replacement gutters; or troubleshoot current or recurring problems. A reputable gutter installation company uses quality materials and the proper techniques for the type of gutters being installed.

You should also expect a professional contractor to provide you when asked with any relevant documentation regarding how long they have been in business; liability insurance, and applicable licenses.


Expect transparency from the company you are doing business with. If you decide that copper European gutters are perfect for your home’s exterior and they have never done a copper gutter system installation, a reputable contractor will tell you. They might even refer you to a company that does copper gutter installations.

Transparency should also include no surprises or hidden costs with quotes or invoices.

Good communication is a key element. When there is a delay, or product or price difference from the original quote, or the fascia is suffering wood rot and needs replacing before they gutters are installed the gutter contractor will tell you.


A local professional gutter service should be actively involved with the community they serve. A company whose presence is recognized locally often results in a solid reputation for being engaged, committed to excellence, and can be trusted.

Excellent Customer Service

A professional gutter company will do their best and go that extra mile. Benchmarks of excellent customer service include: warranties, quick response times, keep scheduled appointments, removal of materials, site cleanup, and a follow up in-person visit or phone call.