Trending Home Improvements for 2022

As we head into 2022 many of us have plans and goals for our careers, family, friends, and homes. Since we’re still spending a lot of time indoors, planning home improvements for the New Year makes sense. While some are variations on previous New Year trends, all these trending home improvements for 2022, in addition to boosting curb appeal, are beautiful, functional, and ecological.

Enhanced Indoor/Outdoor Living Areas

 One of the most popular expected 2022 trends is to create spaces that seamlessly transition from the indoors to the outdoors. This is an ideal way to maximize the square footage of your home.

A patio that you can’t see until you open the backdoor is a good place to start. Replace the wall with floor to ceiling windows, also known as a window wall. Window walls are eco-friendly because they let in more light. Some manufacturers offer options that include operable windows, allowing immediate access to the outdoor living area. To decorate, use the same or a complementary design in the outdoor room as the indoor space.

The object of any design is to improve indoor-outdoor flow while maintaining the functionality of the outdoor living space. Have fun with it by adding lots of aesthetically pleasing eye candy such a stained glass privacy screen, a fire pit you can view from the kitchen, or an outdoor kitchen that includes a pizza oven.

Dedicated Laundry Room

2022 will see the laundry room come into its own. It appears homeowners and home buyers alike are done with a washer and dryer stuck into a corner of the basement. A dedicated laundry room might include “extras” such as:

  • Custom shelving
  • Table for folding clothes
  • A fold-out ironing board
  • Drying rack and/or hooks
  • Utility sink

A dedicated laundry room typically means it’s just a place used to clean clothes. However, expect laundry rooms of 2022 to also be multipurpose, designed to incorporate a study or play area where parent/caregiver can supervise; be part of a mud room, or include a home office (choose a washer/dryer set that has noise-reduction features).

Exterior Lighting that does More

For the New Year, expect exterior lighting that does more. Outdoor lighting in 2022 will go beyond the standard lights on either side of the entry door or the garage doors.

Homeowners will use floodlights to brighten areas of the property that aren’t well lit such as the entrance to the garage or a dark corner of the backyard. Spotlights will showcase certain architectural features of a home’s exterior. String lights are becoming more popular in the New Year to emphasize specific types of trees, a pergola, or porch columns and railings.

Eco-friendly outdoor lighting options include lanterns lit by LED candles, LED pavement lights to illuminate a walkway, and deck lights operated by batteries or solar power.

Improved Home Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy like solar power, wind power, and geothermal energy, is a continuing trend in 2022.

To improve the energy efficiency of their houses, homeowners are replacing heating systems, faucets, appliances, and exterior finishing elements like gutters and siding with sustainable or eco-friendly options. Tankless water heaters are a great example – they provide hot water on demand while reducing a household’s monthly energy bill.

Another growing trend we’ll see in the upcoming year is the switch to digital thermostats. They can adapt to changes in living habits, helping to regulate the temperature, automatically lowering the heat when no one’s home.

The Sustainability Goal

If you will be buying or building a new home in 2022, keep sustainability in mind. The general impression that a sustainable home costs more to build is a misconception. In actuality it costs the same, and in many instances costs less to maintain – uses energy more efficiently, low-maintenance flooring and construction materials, and natural landscaping elements and gardening techniques.