To Show Off Gutters or Not?

A bold colour choice in a hallway or as an accent wall in the kitchen can make the room “pop.” But do you want to apply the same principle to the eavestroughs? When considering color options for a gutter system, homeowners might feel that gutters should be seen and not heard. But if you want to show off the gutters, you can create a unique vibe that really enhances your curb appeal.

Reasons against Showing Off

The typical homeowner instinct is to make them fade into the background. Reasons against showing off gutters are:

  • gutters aren’t attractive and shouldn’t be showcased
  • will detract from other architectural features
  • not appropriate for the style of home

If you are from this school of thought, then you will want to choose a shade that blends in with the existing color scheme of your home exterior. You would use tones that match (exact shade) or complement (a shade in the same color family) the roof, door/window trim or shutters. An exterior finishing contractor will be able to advise you on what color to select so that the gutters are as unobtrusive as possible.

Reasons for Showing Off

On the other hand, to make the gutters stand out and be noticed, skip the neutrals and go bright. Reasons for showing off include:

  • the color palette of your home exterior is neutral and you want to add a splash of color
  • enhance decorative details
  • create a visual impact

Draw attention to the gutters by selecting a contrasting shade. To make the gutters a design feature in their own right, select as bold a color as you dare.