Tips for Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutters should be cleaned and inspected regularly to help them work properly and optimally protect your home. Cleaning the gutter system might seem pretty straightforward and something that you can do yourself. But, if you find there’s no time, heights bother you, there’s a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon or you experience health issues that make climbing a ladder out of the question, consider hiring a gutter cleaning service to do it for you.

A professional cleaning service should:

  • be licensed and have the proper types of insurance
  • remove all debris from inside the gutters
  • clean the outside of the gutters
  • remove any clogs or blockages from the downspouts
  • check for and notify you of any related problems that need immediate attention (missing hangers/spikes, missing roof tiles, soffit showing signs of rot)
  • ensure that your gutter system is not damaged during the cleaning process

With so many companies out there offering these kinds of services, how do you know which one to hire? Use the following tips to find a gutter cleaning service that is reliable, honest and affordable.

Recommendations: Ask a neighbour, friend or co-worker for a recommendation, preferably one who lives in the area. When picking a gutter cleaning service from out of the phone book or an online directory, check out the references listed on the company’s website.

Licenses/Insurance: Make sure that the company you are interested in hiring is properly licensed. They should also be insured, so that if someone is injured on your property, you won’t be liable.

Comparison Shop: Companies like MHC Gutters that provide gutter cleaning services, typically charge a flat fee per foot of gutter. However, costs can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the gutter system and accessibility. A professional cleaning or exterior finishing company usually offers a number of maintenance plans. Find out what they will be doing, how much it will cost and what else is included. Pick a plan that best matches your expectations and requirements.