Tips for Buying Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are undeniably the most expensive type of guttering on the market. But their distinctive appearance, 50-year plus lifespan, and curb appeal factor make them worth it. If you want a home exterior with an elegant, timeless look, use these handy tips for buying a copper gutter system that will last for as long as you own your home.

Material Quality and Colour

The quality of copper can vary from one manufacturer to another. Lower grades of copper will oxide (turn green) faster. Also keep in mind, if you intend on purchasing seamless copper gutters, depending on the type of machine, a gutter installation company might use thinner metal sheets. The thicker the copper sheet, the stronger the copper gutters will be.

Spoiler alert! They won’t stay shiny. Copper gutters will start to develop a patina (oxidization process) after one to two months of exposure to the elements. If you are attracted to a copper gutter system because of its warm tones and want it to stay that way, an anti-oxidant coating will have to be applied after the gutters have been installed.

Half-Round or K-Style

A gutter profile defines the look and feel of the gutters and gives your home’s exterior its personality and character. When deciding between half-round European copper gutters or K-style copper gutters, choose a gutter profile that will complement the architectural style of the house. A half-round gutter system has a simple, smooth classic shape, while a K-style gutter profile resembles traditional crown moulding.

Sectional or Seamless

Sectional copper gutters are cut into sections which are then soldered together and sealed upon installation. When viewing the gutter system from the ground, the seams are visible. Some homeowners prefer seamless copper gutters because they are fabricated from one continuous metal sheet, reducing the number of seams the eye sees and the number of places where leaks can form.


For added curb appeal, give some attention to those finishing touches that can make copper gutters really stand out. European copper gutters are available with a variety of options that include decorative half-round hangers, downspout brackets, and detailed conductor boxes or leader heads.