Tips for Buying a Rain Chain

A rain chain, originally from Japan, is an elegant way to replace the downspout, turning something merely functional into an attractive focal point. Rain chains, like downspouts, channel rain water from the roof to the ground. If a rain chain sounds like an appealing alternative, here are some tips for buying rain chains that are right for your home.

Theme: A rain chain is typically a connected string of cups or links, which allows rainwater to flow down to the ground or into a decorative urn, bowl or pond. Select a rain chain with a particular theme or intricate design to add personality to the exterior of your home.

Part of Something Else: If you intend to incorporate the rain chain into a pond or garden, the rain chain should include features that will enhance the design. For example, choosing one composed of cups instead of links will increase the esthetics of a garden by heightening the sound of falling rain.

Material: The appeal of a rain chain is its unique look. Make sure that you choose a rain chain that creates the desired effect. Rain chains crafted from copper will have a “warmer” feel and can develop a patina over time. Aluminum or stainless steel rain chains can have a “cooler” or sleeker appearance.