The Importance of Properly Installed Soffit and Fascia

Soffit is the underside architectural element of a building, which includes the eaves, a roof overhang or a porch ceiling. Underneath the roof line and behind the gutters, fascia panels are found on the outer edges of the roof, covering the exposed ends of the rafters. Soffit and fascia can protect your roof and walls from water damage. Doing it yourself might save you money up front, but a company that specializes in gutters and siding will ensure that the soffit and fascia panels are properly installed.

The proper installation of soffit panels not only helps to complete the appearance of your home, it also helps protect your home from becoming overheated in summer or from condensation forming in winter. Vented soffits allow air to flow through the attic or crawl space, but only if they have been correctly positioned and installed to function optimally. Another major concern of improperly mounted soffit panels is the damage squirrels and birds can wreak if they get in behind the soffit and fascia to build their nests. Soffit that doesn’t fit snuggly can let in insects. While bees, hornets or wasps don’t harm the soffit panels like squirrels and birds do, they can cause problems for homeowners especially when the hive produces honey or is close to a door or window.

Fascia is found just underneath the roof line, extending around all sides of the structure. Designed to conceal the rafter ends of the roof, fascia also keeps the elements from entering into the interior. The most obvious sign that fascia has been improperly installed is that it looks bad or uneven. When fascia doesn’t fit right, it can cause water damage, mildew, mold and rot. Since most gutter systems are attached to the fascia panels, rotting or damaged fascia might compromise your gutters.

Proper installation of soffit and fascia helps protect your home from damaging climatic effects. It also greatly improves the overall appearance of your home and its ability to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.