Summer Maintenance Tips for Siding

summer maintenance for siding
Photo credit: ntm1909/Flickr Creative Commons

Siding should make your home look attractive. If it’s worn, damaged or has become a canvas for mold or mildew, it’s time to be proactive. Take advantage of the nice weather this summer to improve the appearance of your siding, extend its lifespan, and give you peace of mind during the upcoming winter months.

Check Siding for Damage

Summer months are ideal for inspecting the siding of your home for damage. Different types of siding materials require different kinds of maintenance and repair. What kind of siding does your home have? Check for these specific signs if your siding is made of:

  • wood – peeling paint; loose cedar shakes or siding panels; insect activity; soft spots (rot)
  • aluminum – dents, dirt buildup; red streaks or holes (rusting), buckling
  • vinyl – extreme colour fading; changes in texture (might feel “roughed up” to the touch); split panels
  • brick – discolored, cracked or receding mortar

Also inspect siding for gaps between the siding panels and exterior walls.

Clean Siding

Cleaning the siding of your home isn’t just for curb appeal. Streaks, smudges, and grime buildup are typically organic matter of some kind. Regardless of the siding material, dirt residue is food to microscopic organisms. Washing it away as part of a scheduled summer home maintenance plan will eliminate places for mold, mildew or algae to grow; decrease other potential health hazards; and extend the siding’s longevity.

Repair or Repaint Siding

Summer is a good time for renovations. Any gaps, holes, mold growth or insect/pest infestation can eventually lead to structural damage if not properly repaired or dealt with.

When thoroughly washing siding doesn’t remove all the grime or any discolouration, you might want to consider painting or replacing the affected sections.

Landscaping and Siding

Unfortunately summer isn’t all about sunshine. During windstorms and heavy rains, branches can be repeatedly blown against exterior walls. This causes damage to the siding, compromising how well it protects your home. Trim back any trees and shrubs growing too close to the house.