Summer Maintenance Tips for Gutters

Because it’s summer, it’s easy to forget about the gutters. But now is the perfect time to check up on them to see if there are any serious issues you need to deal with before the season changes and stormier weather sets in. These summer maintenance tips will help get your gutters into better shape than they are now.

Roof Inspection

What is up comes down…and into the gutters. Clean roofing shingles; pay attention to areas like valleys and flashings where debris can be easily trapped. Inspect the roof for missing tiles; damaged shingles due to weather and/or animal activity; discolouration; or large stains that might be a sign of developing leaks.

Clean Out the Gutters

Scoop out debris. To be functional, the gutters must be totally free of twigs, dead leaves, pine needles, etc. Since the babies would have flown by now, look for and remove any birds’ nests. Also, check for other types of nests like squirrel and wasp. Even if you cleaned the gutters earlier this year in the spring, leftover cherry blossoms, leaf bits, and dirt have probably already started to accumulate in the gutter channel.

Clean Off the Gutters

Scrub the outside of the gutters. Select on non-abrasive cleaner and a soft-bristle brush. The name of the game is to thoroughly remove any trace of environmental pollution, mold, moss or algae from each gutter section. Areas heavily affected by mold, moss and algae might need a stronger cleaning solution that includes bleach and more than one application to get the job done.

Inspect for Damage

Just as with the roof, inspect gutters for any damage. Dents are an indication that something hit your gutters, resulting in possible misalignment, weakened metal where holes can form or restricted water flow. Sagging gutters often mean brackets need to be refastened or replaced. Rust spots and holes must be repaired to prevent further deterioration. Check for and fix leaks; they typically form at the seams and in the corners of a gutter system.

Replacing Old or Adding New

Are you thinking about adding leaf guard protection? Tired of the faded appearance of the gutters? When you need to install a new gutter system or replace old downspouts, summertime is the time to do it.