Spring Inspection Checklist

Maintaining your home’s exterior is important, especially now that it’s spring and any damage that winter might have done is just beginning to show. Taking the time to go over the outside of your house with a keen eye will alert you to problem areas that should be attended to as soon as possible. Here’s a short spring inspection checklist to help you get started.

  1. Missing, loose or damaged roofing shingles
  2. Fascia board and soffit panels should be in good shape
  3. Loose, damaged or cracked flashings and other types of
weatherproofing around vents, chimney and skylights
Gutters 1. Sagging/pulling away from fascia
  2. Filled with debris
  3. Clogs
  4. Streaks, dirt, grime on outside of gutters
  5. Missing gutter sections
  6. Worn or leaking seams
  7. Blocked, loose or damaged downpipe(s),
  1. Cracks, peeling paint, blistering
  2. Loosened panels or missing sections
  3. Mold and/or mildew
  4. Patches of damp that never really dry up (possible sign of leaks)
  1. Ceiling and interior walls should be free of stains, streaks and other
signs of water damage
  2. Musty smell
  3. Mold and/or mildew on ceiling and interior walls
  1. Cracks
  2. Discoloration due to moisture buildup or water damage
  3. Earth around foundation should be compact; no signs of sinking
  4. Earth/landscaping slopes toward foundation or other indications
the grade has shifted/changed
  1. Anything made of wood is subject to the elements – check trim
around windows and doors, soffit and fascia for rot/soft spots
  2. Outdoor outlets/power sources for damage
  3. Ensure any outdoor lighting is working properly
  4. Check steps, pathways and driveway for cracks