Soffits and Your Home

While often overlooked, soffits are an important element of your home exterior. A roof typically extends several inches past the walls of a house: soffits cover the gap between the roofline and the walls. Properly installed soffits play an important role in the longevity of your roof and act as a secondary line of defense for protecting siding and interior walls when gutters leak or overflow. Knowing what kinds of soffit are available can help you choose the ones that will complement your home.

Wood Soffit

Wood soffit provides a classic look to exterior finishing. Whether they are made from real wood, engineered wood or composite wood products, they do require diligent maintenance to prevent them from deterioration, weathering and rot. Wood soffits are generally the most expensive kind. However, well-maintained wood soffits look great and can last a long time.

Vinyl Soffit

Vinyl soffit, including other kinds of plastics, is probably the most common because it is the least expensive and needs little or no upkeep. While vinyl and UPVC soffits don’t possess the longevity of other soffit materials, they can last up to 20 years depending on climatic conditions before they need replacing. Vinyl soffits have the added benefit of resisting weather elements since they are not prone to rot and other molds.

Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum soffit is extremely attractive and very durable. It is very effective at repelling moisture that can build up and eventually lead to rot. Aluminum soffits are popular with homeowners who don’t want to deal with pealing paint issues or rapid deterioration. They also provide a home’s exterior with a crisp, modern appearance.

Most types of soffits are available in a wide range of colors that can be matched to the roof and/or trim of your home. A professional exterior finishing company hired to install standard soffit can also advise you on whether or not you will require vented soffit, as well.