Signs Your Shed Needs Gutters

It’s just a standard size shed in the backyard used as a workshop and for storing garden tools and sports equipment no longer being used but family members are reluctant to throw out. Does it really need gutters? If you have an accessory building on your property like a greenhouse, gazebo, guest house or freestanding garage, look for these telltale signs that might be a warning you need a gutter system.

Soil Erosion

When water is allowed to flow unguided from a roof top, it can do serious damage to the soil and landscaping around the shed. While water is good for plants and earth, too much rainwater cascading down from a garden shed roof can saturate the ground, moving soil away from the foundation and the roots of plants and shrubs. Watch out for bald spots, exposed roots and sediment where it shouldn’t be such as some distance from the accessory building or on the pavement.

Standing Water

Water pooling in front of a garage door or a shed indicates it isn’t draining away properly. Rainwater should not be allowed to collect anywhere around the perimeter of the structure. A gutter system that includes at least one downspout will ensure that water is drained away from the foundation.

Rotting Foundation

Unchanneled rainwater falling directly from the roof to the ground can pool and/or splash. Pooled water at the base of an accessory building can seep in, around and underneath the foundation, making it unstable. If the shed is made of wood, timbers at the base of the structure can become rotted. Splashed water landing on the sides of a shed often promotes the growth of mildew and mold.

Interior Water Damage

Another sign that your garden shed or workshop needs gutters is interior water damage. Water dripping or draining inside a building not only looks bad (stains and streaks) or endangers possessions, it can adversely impact structural integrity.

For maximum functionality of an accessory building, consider adding gutters to your shed, work shop or greenhouse. Gutters and mini-gutters designed especially for popular types of backyard structures might be the ideal, inexpensive solution you need to protect your storage shed from water damage.