Residential Gutter Cleaning Options

Cleaning the gutters isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. And now that the weather is nicer and the days are longer, who wants to volunteer to spend a weekend day on a ladder scooping out debris. When residential gutters need cleaning you want to get the job done as quickly as possible, but what are your options? Actually there are several for homeowners who want to get the job done fast.

Traditional Ladder Method

Most gutter cleaning professionals confirm that using a ladder and removing the debris by hand is the best way to clean residential gutters. Used in conjunction with cleaning tools such as a gutter scoop and scraper, hands are the best way to clear gutter channels of gunk before rinsing away residue with a garden hose.

For a one-storey house, cleaning the gutters can be done from a 10 or 12 rung step ladder; for a two-storey residence, invest in a 24-foot straight ladder or extension ladder.

Rent a Gutter Vacuum

Rent a gutter vacuum when you want to clean the gutter system of a one-or-two-storey home from the ground. Gutter vacuums typically include an inspection camera and monitor so that you can see just how full of debris the gutters are and how good a job the vac did. They are easy to use, only need one person to operate it, and can effortlessly access hard to reach places.

Use Your Wet/Dry Vac

If you own a wet-dry vacuum, you can use it to make gutter cleaning quicker and easier, while standing safely on the ground. You will need the correct attachments. Most home improvement and big box stores sell gutter cleaning kits that typically include extension wands and a blower nozzle.

Remote controlled Devices

A gutter robot is another way to clean the gutters while staying put at ground level. While most remote controlled devices appear to work better on even surfaces, a gutter robot can clear away most types of debris. However, you will still have to get out the ladder and climb it to place the robot inside the gutter system.

Hire a Gutter Cleaning Service

If you can’t clean your own gutters, never seem to find the time, or your house is taller than two storeys, hire a gutter cleaning service to clean the gutters for you. Many gutter cleaning professionals will also report any potential problems with the roofing system; some even do minor repairs such as resealing leaking seams or replacing damaged hardware. Gutter companies want your business – ask if they offer discounts, service plans, or special seasonal offers to repeat customers.