Reasons to Schedule a Roof Inspection This Spring

Now that we’re heading into spring and the weather is warming up, it’s a good time to get started on those important spring home maintenance chores. And what part of your home’s exterior is more important than your roof and gutters? After all, it protects everything that matters to you and your family. Reasons to schedule a roof inspection this spring include evaluating how it survived winter; expanding its lifespan; and saving you money.

Roof hasn’t been Inspected

If you’ve never had the roof professionally inspected by a roofing contractor or it hasn’t been inspected in the past five years, getting an assessment now will make it easier for you to properly maintain the roofing system. To ensure your roof stays healthy, clean the gutters, trim back branches of trees growing close to the house, and schedule a professional roof inspection once every two years.

Evaluating Winter Damage

Winters in the lower mainland can be hard on roofs experiencing active winds, driving rain, sleet, and snow. Add fluctuating temperatures into the mix and the results can be damaged shingles, loose flashing, ice dams, and dented gutters.  A roofing contractor clears away any debris that has collected on the roof before thoroughly examining the structure and all of the components of the roofing system including the gutters. Then they advise you on what can be done to repair the damage and give you an estimate on how much it will cost.

Days are Getting Longer

As we approach spring, the days are getting longer. Because of warmer temperatures and better weather conditions, the increased amount and quality of daylight improves a roofing technician’s ability to see important details such as discolouration, wear patterns, and damp patches that could indicate possible leaks.

Expand the Roof’s Lifespan

A well-maintained roof will have a longer life. Roof inspections by a homeowner after a storm or a tree branch falls on the roof are an important home maintenance task that keeps the roof in good working order. However, scheduling a professional roof inspection once every two years will help expand the roof’s lifespan because a contractor will be able to identify structural damage and other potential roof problems a homeowner might not be able to identify.

Easier to Schedule Repairs

When a roofing contractor inspects your roof, he or she will outline what needs to be fixed and then give you an estimate on the total cost including labour and materials. When roof inspections are conducted in the spring, if major repairs such as removing part of the roof deck because of wood rot or having to replace the shingles in the southwest corner of the house due to granule loss, it will be easier to schedule the repairs

Save Yourself Some Money

Some homeowners might think that skipping professional roof inspections will save them money. If you can make minor roof repairs or reseal leaking gutters sections , that can put a little extra in your pocket. Unfortunately, the serious issues that a roofing contractor is able to identify won’t go away on their own. The types of problems involving holes, gaps, or cracks, let in moisture, can lead to mould, pest infestations, and structural damage. A professional roof inspection can save you money in the long run.