Reasons to Install a Driveway Gate

Most homeowners with properties that already have fences will add driveway gates to beef up security and protect their home. However, the benefits of a driveway gate go beyond security. Reasons to install driveway gates include privacy, safety, and better curb appeal.

Home Security

For many homeowners, crime prevention is a priority. A closed driveway gate says “Keep Out” and tends to discourage unwanted visitors such as burglars, salespeople, and solicitors. Even if it’s for a good cause or a charity you support, you might not want to give access to your property for any purpose.


Do you feel there are too many dog-walkers walking past your house and peering up the driveway into the living room? Does the homeowner across the lane have an unimpeded view of your backyard? A solid style driveway gate can restrict visual access to your property.

Safety Issues

Closed driveway gates keep people in. It’s not such a worry if children and pets escape from the backyard when your front yard is protected by a driveway gate. Especially when gates are solid panels as opposed to open ironwork, bars, or glass/see-through panels, someone casing the neighbourhood won’t be able to see the house or the kids playing in the yard.

No Parking Allowed

Installing automatic gates will keep out unwanted vehicles. In addition to it being an intrusion, when people use your driveway to turn around in there’s the potential for damage to your fence or lawn. If you live near a park or an event venue, a driveway gate could eliminate the temptation to park in your driveway.

Better Curb Appeal

An enclosed yard with a driveway gate creates a grand entrance. When family and guests approach decorative fencing complete with a solid or paneled driveway gate, especially an automatic gate, they will feel like they’ve “arrived.” Better curb appeal and updated security fencing typically results in increased property value.

Improved Technology

Some of us might remember having to get out of the car to open the driveway gates for mom or dad when we were kids. While manual versions are still available, many homeowners opt for automatic gates. Not having to get out of the vehicle is the safer option, particularly on a winter’s night. They can be programmed to open as your car approaches the gate or remain closed until opened by remote. Some manufacturers offer automatic gates that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone, tablet or computer.