Reasons to Bury a Downspout

Your gutter system plays a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage. Part of that system is the downspouts. They are designed to carry rainwater from the roof to the ground and deposit it far enough away from the foundation where it won’t do your house any harm.

In a standard gutter system, the end of the downspouts typically rests directly on the ground, allowing the water to exit from the pipe onto the grass or a landscaped area. Homeowners who need to extend downpipes more than five feet, sometimes opt to bury the downspout.

Underground drains are leader pipes that are attached to a PVC pipe positioned to safely release water away from the foundation. They should be buried a minimum of 18 inches into the ground or past the frost line. A gutter contractor will be able to advise you on how to bury the downspout so that it will provide the best solution for your property.

Aesthetic Reasons

Downspout extensions that exceed five feet can make a property look untidy or awkward. Homeowners bury a downspout to improve the silhouette of the house. For architectural styles such as ultra-contemporary and postmodern, burying the downspout preserves the clean lines of these types of designs.

Safety Reasons

Since downspout extenders might cross pathways, lawns, and flower/vegetable beds, they can be a tripping hazard. They are often damaged by common yard activities like mowing, gardening, and playing children and pets. A senior with mobility issues could find navigating the yard problematic. Becoming entangled in a downspout extension can inflict bodily harm to you, family members, or guests. A buried downspout eliminates the need for downspout extensions.

Pooling and Space Reasons

Water that consistently pools beneath the downspout and remains on the surface for two or more days after a downpour causes soil erosion, eventually making the foundation shift and/or crack. When there is not enough room for a downspout extender, a buried downspout that has a slight downhill slope will help prevent water damage to your foundation.